Joe Metzenmacher

Joe Metzenmacher

With Whats the secret word for tonight“ Joe Metzenmacher tried to musically process his nocturnal experiences from the Berlin club scene.
Support came from Sven Väth, who selected the Arian 911 remix on Cocoon‘s legendary compilation series, The Sound Of The 20th Season in 2019.
Shortly after, releases with artists like Gerd Janson, Luciano, Cassy, Massimiliano Pagliara, Emanuel Satie etc. followed.
Without a doubt, Joe Metzenmacher belongs to the hopeful new talents of the German electronic music scene.
This development is also reflected in his rankings in the Groove Magazine reader poll as #1 Newcomer of the year (2023).

Genre: House / Techno

Webseite: https://www.instagram.com/joe.metzenmacher/?hl=en